Thursday, 12 August 2010


I've been out of sorts for days but concluded that overwhelmed is about the best way of summing up how I feel this week. This is not complaining; we have a wonderful life in Cumbria and I would not swap it for anything but sometimes it all gets a bit much:

* the bathroom refit is dragging on, no-one's fault but I shall be glad when it is done
* we are at the point of having to make expensive decisions about work we want done in the kitchen, very wearing on the brain
* servicing, MOT, insurance, tax - both the cars needed attention at the same time
* trying to schedule Patersons for garden work whilst dodging rain
* family wedding, 700 miles and 250+ photos to be edited and processed
* Management at the other end of the country far more than either of us like
* making positive progress towards completing our family with one (or maybe two) four-paws [which is brilliant, but emotional and that in itself is very tiring]
* trying to keep on top of the potager and greenhouse
* trying to get outside and do more general work in the garden
* build more compost bins, fill the log store

That list doesn't even include mundane but essential & unavoidable work like cooking, buying food, cleaning the house, laundry - it all takes time. I should learn to sleep less, or perhaps not at all? Quilt making and fellwalking aren't even on the radar at present.

Let's blame the solar tsunami.

It is surprisingly cathartic to write all this down - no wonder I am perpetually exhausted. Hard to prioritise at present because everything needs doing. Chatting with Mad Bat one evening she reminded me that I try and do in one day what normal people allow a week to complete (me, not normal, what can she mean?) and therefore it is not surprising I am tired. And I'm not looking for sympathy either, although a secretary, housekeeper or general dogsbody would be nice for a week :} And I should not start one sentence with a conjunction, let alone two.


  1. Great news on the extending the family front. Bag End will once again resound to woofles, and who knows, maybe you'll be coaxed out onto the fells a little more often. Walkies anyone?

    Here's to your pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

  2. I have always subscribed to the view that a busy woman needs a wife (but I don't know how you go about arranging that!)

  3. Bless you all, thanks for making me laugh, which is very much what friends are for :}

    James, it will be some months before we have woofles but at least we've made some decisions! (about ruddy time too I hear you mutter)

  4. Well, after the comments you've made on my blog, don't look to me for sympathy. No That's not a giggle you heard from me, it was a veerry loud, unladylike laugh!

  5. I always try to think about those in places like India, Thailand......who do not even have a roof over their head. It puts everything into perspective.

    We all have days where everything just piles up.....I am sure once you get your new furry friends, you will forget about other issues.....

    Put your feet up tonight and have a nice glass of wine.....

  6. Absolutely right Cheryl, and that is why I said I wasn't complaining. There's more than a few people would happily swap places with - Management and I know how lucky we are to be here.

    And QuiltSue - thanks for the chat :} :} :}

  7. Surprised that you can do anything but gaze at rainbows!

    I also think that decisions are exhausting - although you don't realise how much until you feel the relief when you have made them.

    But I'm afraid that you are wrong - everything does not NEED doing. You would like to do everything, but you do not NEED to do half the things on your list RIGHT NOW. We have a phrase a work for days of cock ups and lack accomplishments - 'no-one dies, the world does not stop turning'. Enjoy time with management when he is home, if you do things on your list too, that's a bonus.

    Oh dear, I've turned into a homily machine!!

    Wear suncream.

    AGHHHHH!! (somebody stop me..........!)

  8. Hazel, as always you are right (probably why I am rather fond of you :} )

    As you are too young to be my Know-it-all-Big-Sis you will have to be the Terribly-Clever-Little-Sisterinstead, OK?

    PS: I do - factor 40!

  9. I'm with Mad Bat having seen the results of your weeks-work-in-a-day activities. Take a break lovely (don't make me come up there and make you stop and eat cake!)
    big hugs on the family front. Now you never need clean your windows :o)

  10. Thank you Nic (I think!). You and Mad Bat would get on terribly well . . . and you are always welcome to come here, with or without cake.

    I should probably clean the windows at some point, {hugs}

  11. I've just sent you some pics of Ollies sunflowers. Let me know if the come through - according to Mailer Daemon there's a permanent failure on your account ;o(

  12. Hi Bilbo,

    You just need a little time in Rivendell with the elves! Bach Flower Remedies ,,, amazing stuff and just the job for overstretched hobbits! I blame that log splitter myself, encouraging you to log split for England! And yes wear suncream! And yes keep gazing at rainbows! Jill x

  13. Thank you Jill {hug}. Do you have any plans to come back up here in the near future?

  14. First rule of stagemanagement MAKE A LIST! It always works for me. Just a random list of things you think need doing then pick out the ones that can be done easily and quickly I can hear you saying "but I haven't got any of those" and then do them and put a big tick next to them. It doesn't matter if they are really low priority and better still if they are ones you hate doing because then the big tick makes you feel even better. Don't forget a few treats on the list as well, jobs you want to do/like doing including photographing the amazing views followed by a good glass of wine. Can't beat a good list! Good luck! :)

  15. Thanks Mrs K. I could do with one of your Get Out Crews from a successful touring season!

    You are right though, and I do usually have a list or two on the go and doing a couple of small jobs first (especially if one of them is particularly disliked) does provide a sense of achievement :}

  16. I can really sympathize with your predicament. Blogging is cathartic, get it all out and then eventually you will be ticking everything off on your long list!

  17. Thanks Matron, much better now - very productive weekend and a couple of things ticked off The List!


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