Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Not waiting for 3rd August

I guess it would have just been too hard if all the sunflowers waited until 3rd August to bloom.

Ours are flowering their little hearts out, James has just sent this picture:

and I know there are others around the country. Look forward to seeing more pictures when their growers have a moment.

I told friends that these plants were "1m high, multi-headed, wind resistant", hmm, either I lied or plant genetics are having a laugh. Half of my plants are taller than 1m and have one huge flower head. I must take more care when I save some seed for next year.

Added later:

This stunning specimen, complete with bee and fly, has been nurtured by Hazel

Matron "doesn't do flowers" but she says the bees love these so much she is making an exception. Looks like she can grow pretty stuff just as well as the delicious edibles she cultivates.


  1. Ah, I'm sure F1 & F2 genetics probably have their hand in the variations of Helianthus Ollie, either way they bring a cheery smile to a grey day.

  2. Oh it's way more complicated than that. They are probably diploid, but they might be tetraploids or polyploid, and if that makes your head hurt, have a look at Rebsie's blog - she explains it brilliantly.


  3. We have had sunflowers flowering for a while now as some self sowed from last year's plants and are flowering amongst our potatoes!

  4. GLA - I am sure the local bees thank you :}

  5. As James says, they make you smile. Can't ask any more than that.

  6. How funny - I took a photo of one of Ollie's sunflowers yesterday, complete with bee.

    Will email over to you now. :)

  7. Thanks Hazel, will add your picture to this post when it arrives.

    SewAli, they make the bees smile too. Hope you will be pleased to hear they are making me smile as well, given that they could have caused me to run amok with the secateurs and tissues!

  8. Doesn't matter what the genetics have been up to - there's never been an ugly sunflower!

  9. 1m multi-headed is definitely what I have and they're delightful.
    Will send you a pic. love N x

  10. Thanks Nic, welcome home. Haven't forgotten the email I promised to send with lots of links ... hope you are both well and had a great holiday.


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