Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The morning after

Well, in truth, two mornings after.

Sunday's bonfire left a huge pile of embers which smouldered quietly all day Monday. I went out and raked up as much as possible of the small debris which had been left behind. Also got the mower out and tidied up the very long grass which had been growing up against the rubbish piles.

After supper I stirred the embers up again (it's not just the blokes who enjoy playing with fire {smile}) and shifted as much of the muck as possible back onto the bonfire pile. It was a bit smokey but thankfully no wind and this morning it's raining so that should wash away any ash which has been unneighbourly.

On Monday I was concerned that the removal of all the brush would upset the bird population - this area had been a roosting/hanging around safely site for many months. I shouldn't have worried, all day the ground was covered with small birds foraging around for newly uncovered insects and grubs.

(that would be the small birds who blended perfectly with the background, ticked the no publicity box and didn't huddle close enough that I could get more than 2 in the same frame!)


  1. And there's another patch of Bag End reclaimed ...

  2. Yes, but unless I finish clearing it and get some grass seed down quickly I think the weeds will be trying to take it back!


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