Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Before the rain arrived last night I decided it was time to dig up the shallots. The top foliage had died down to such an extent that they weren't going to grow any more. Not bad from a greenhouse sowing in April, planted out in June.

Although the garlic might have grown more the rhubarb leaves were covering it completely and with all the rain we've had recently I didn't fancy it going rotten. The smell is fantastic, definitely going to grow more of this in future, thank you Hazel.

Also emptied out a few tubs of potatoes, flavour is nothing like as good as the Pink Fir Apple from Mr Photo but they're still very tasty.

Our good friends, the Loweswater Puffins, invited me for supper tonight and it was lovely to take a basket of fresh, organic veggies to them to say thank you.

Remind me not to grow any courgettes next year ...


  1. On the one hand most pleasurable to give a gift like this. On the other, ruddy frustrating - I gave away two-thirds of the plants I germinated, I am now giving away half of the crops. Much better planning needed for future years.

  2. Lovely, Bilbo - what a smashing trug of goodies! Remember that the garlic & shallots will need to dry out thoroughly - peg the garlic to a 'washing line' strung inside the woodstore, perhaps? And do earmark the biggest garlic bulbs for growing on next year.

    As to planning - you get better with experience, but not good, I find...
    *thinks: courgettes

  3. So, sew nine courgettes, give six away keeping "just" the three.

    Up to armpits in courgettes and end up giving them away.

    Next year, sew three courgettes, with the view that if one of them fails, two plants will certainly provide all the courgettes you can eat.

    Result: one plant germinates, you get a few weedy courgettes off it and then it dies - no more courgettes. I think Mr Sod plays a role in this {g}

  4. Hazel, onions and garlic currently drying in greenhouse, none of the bulbs are "that" big, I think I will buy some new for next year.

    James - nice in theory but it never works like that, with or without intervention from Mr Sod and his Laws.

  5. Watch that it doesn't get too humid in the g/h - oniony things need good air circulation to dry & not rot (ask me how I know!)

    I can add nothing to the Mr Sod's Courgettes debate, except that two courgette plants are to be aspired to. However cute the seedlings are, no person needs to have five courgette plants, I have discovered.

  6. Hazel - I have three and that is far too many, five sounds quite frightening (are you actually managing to give the damn things away or is that box still full?)

    Good point about humidity in g/house. Thinking of moving harvest indoors to dry but the garlic STINKS!

  7. What a lovely idea, fresh veggies as a thank you.

    My friend has an allotment....I always get courgettes, and way to many even for me (vegetarian) It would seem everyone has the same problem....
    I love garlic......I hang mine in the shed. Always seems to work.....

  8. Cheryl, when I have a supply of home-made jam I give that as presents, in Spring I give plants (a really sneaky way of getting rid of surplus courgettes) so taking veg to vegetarian friends seemed like the right thing to do.

    I came home with another jar of Ann's wonderful Lemon Curd as well :}

  9. think of a number, divide it by two, mulitply by 6 and take away the number you first thought of. There should be something like that for working out just how many courgette plants one garden needs! I sowed 6 seeds this year, 3 germinated, I was given two more plants and I've only had 6 normal sized courgettes so far. I think planting them in the shade of the hazlenut trees on a slight slope so they are half starved and light deprived is the answer! Bad gardener {slapping wrist}

  10. Nic you are mad. How sad is it that we're all now trying to devise ways to grow the damn plants badly .... this is insane :}

  11. What about courgette jam? Could be a whole new experience even Heston B might be impressed. So sayeth a non gardener or jam maker!

  12. What a lovely gift for them. Anyone would love that, vegetarian or not.

  13. Courgette jam, hmmm, that could be a whole new food experience. Let me know how it turns out for you ...

    Nic has a great recipe for Marrow Cream which should work with courgette.

    QuiltSue, I must confess, the basket wasn't included in the gift, it's a favourite and I brought it home with me :}

  14. What a lovely harvest, particularly your shallots, they look wonderful. I've just posted another pic of Ollie's sunflowers by the way!


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