Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Grief is nasty; it is not pretty, it wants to scream and shout and break things.

Grief wails and rages until it is absolutely exhausted and empty and nothing but a shell.

They told me it would pass, that it was a phase, part of the natural healing process, something we have to go through.

One year has passed, time to move on.

Image copyright J. Hoye, 2008


  1. Thanks J, I'm OK - better than I expected, too wet to go to Rannerdale, I'll just enjoy being here quietly. /h/h

  2. And it affects everyone differently. There's no timetable, but it does eventually start taking up less space in your head. Hopefully you can remember the happy times more than the sad now.

  3. it does eventually start taking up less space in your head

    Thanks Ali, that's a lovely description.

  4. It is hard. It gets easier. Puppies help.


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