Sunday, 1 August 2010

Good start to the month!

After my whinging about July it is time to move on!

Management is a star when he sees that I'm getting glum about the amount of work still to do. His suggestion for today was to ignore the half-finished jobs which are irritating me and focus on something that we have a chance of completing in one day:

Although he was trying to get his garage painted so it can become a bike workshop he was around to help with the heavy bits and provide encouragement - and I have a sneaking suspicion he didn't want to miss another bonfire!

After a lot of very hot and sticky work, all the remaining Leylandii brush was processed, the few remaining large bits were added to a log pile and everything else was ready for immolation.

A quick supper and two hours later nearly everything was burnt.

By the time we finished (10.00pm) it was too late and too dark to rake up all the dropped scrawny bits, I will do that tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how it all looks in daylight - this will be the first time we haven't had a pile of rotting conifer fronds laying around.


  1. Now you're telling me that all of that brush pile is now gone? WOW - I am impressed - it looks like August has got off to a flying start.

    Just a chainsaw session to turn the bird feeder pile into splitter friendly discs, a couple of days playing with, erm I mean studiously operating the log splitter and your log store will be full to brimming for winter and another tick in the Bag End box. Of course you could leave a few discs for when I'm next in the area in case I want a play {g}

  2. Hi James, yep - all of it gone, all the way to the Coppice. Will do a blog update later.

    There will definitely be discs waiting for your next play day. Even though (with your help) we filled half the log store we have made barely a dent on that huge pile near the kitchen.

  3. The demise of the leylandii and the reminders of them definitely is cause for celebration! Chopping up the logs for the woodburner is a completely different ball game, I can guarantee a feeling of panic when the log pile starts getting low LOL!

  4. Thanks Ali, later today when I've cleared up the small debris there may be Adult Beverages of the celebratory kind!

    Know what you mean about log stores not being full :} Last year my problem was kindling - didn't make nearly enough to last the whole winter.

  5. See what happens when you 'pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over agian' Looks amazing to me can't imagine even contemplating a garden that size. Although we did find a small shed under the overgrown garden we took on when we moved in. Or rather himself found it when he did all the hard work!

  6. Sarum - I bet Himself would love to have this garden to play with :}

    GLA - I am sure it's a genetic link to sitting in front of a fire outside the cave

    Thanks VH, I think a little of Bag End will always be the Wild Wood :} How's your Mum today?

  7. I do like the word 'immolation' - sounds delightfully rude!

    Celebratory drinks certainly in order!

  8. It's not really the correct use of immolation (conflagration would have been more accurate) but in these days of sinking standards {g} it will do!

    I have some falling down water chilling in the fridge for later - when I have cleared up the scrawny stuff.


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