Tuesday, 10 August 2010


First there was Lemon Cheese from Ann. "Was" being the operative word because she makes it brilliantly and knows it is one of my favourite things - the jar doesn't last long.

Then there was a lovely gift from CB, home-made Marmalade and there was also a cake (past tense again). Greedily devoured to the last crumb before I thought to take photographs she makes the most wonderful coffee cake.

A most generous gift when Nic and Gorgeous G came to tea. The redcurrant jelly is without doubt the most amazing I have ever tasted - the recipe is on Nic's blog. Will definitely be including redcurrant bushes in our planting plans. If the rest of Nic's preserves taste half as good as the redcurrant then we are in for a treat.

Mr Photo dropped in to see us at the weekend and traded a bag of yummy Pink Fir Apple new potatoes for a small bag of straw. Seemed like a reasonable deal :}

Finally tracked down a reliable source of very local honey. The chap who delivers the Birds' Bistro order also keeps bees so I know this jar of nectar has come from no more than 15 miles away. Delicious!


  1. Is that the spiced damson chutney that remained unopened next to my plate the other week?

    Unopened only because it wouldn't have gone with the rather delicious Appleby Organic Brie...

    Now I'm kicking myself for not delving in, and I don't for one moment think (given the longevity of the lemon cheese and coffee cake) that it will be around for my next Bag End visit!

  2. I'm sorry - yes! Nic will be crushed that we ignored her delicious bounty during this particular meal :} and I don't think it will be around for your next visit (unless you extract the digit and make the effort to get up here as often as you ought to!)

  3. All this praise can go to a girls head you know! Her ladyship thinks Bilbo makes the most wonderful biscuits (although she's nearly forgotten what they taste like!).

  4. Credit where it's due - that cake was bluddy lovely, thank you, and I am sure the HK marmalade will be of the same standard.

    I also suspect Hattie will get Beardie biscuits when she comes to stay :}

  5. I love swapsies!

    Big sister Helen is a dab hand at preserves & always trades me for some wine when she comes up. I'm better at wine than jams & jellies, so this year's redcurrants are in a bucket fermenting at the mo.

    Helen's been up for the Show this weekend (blog update to follow!) where my redcurrant jelly & got a third, despite it being a bit - er - soft of set!

    Nic's array of preseves look magnificent!

  6. Preserving is pleasurable on 3 counts. It's fun to do in itself, it's lovely as part of a barter system and it gives you that smug feeling that you've made the best from your crops.

    Made 9 lb of rasp jam a couple of days back. Son hastily remonded me that it's his favourite so some will go there!

  7. Hazel is right, even better when this is swapsies so I need to get some jams made this autumn. Am busy saving jars and know where some very nice brambles are growing.

    Congrats on show winnings.

    VH - nowt wrong with bartering and smug-points!

  8. It all looks and sounds very yummy. I too make much more jam and chutney than we eat, I ought to get going with the swapsies :o)

  9. SewAli - think of it as getting ahead with your Christmas gifts!

  10. yay, glad it got a hobbit thumbs up. I picked some more redcurrants at the weekend so perhaps I'll try a variation on the recipe. Sometimes though simplicity is best so perhaps I won't meddle.

    Damson chutney and brie... I can vouch for how lovely that would be ;o)

  11. Cheers Nic, don't meddle too much with that recipe - it's divine as it is!

  12. I do hope you and management enjoyed the tatties and they are on your list of "things to grow" next year. Thank you for the straw, pumpkins and spaghetti squash are now nicely cosied up.

  13. Hi Mr P. The tatties were absolutely delicious and definitely on the list for next year, thank you.


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