Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Eventually I *will* quilt again :}

I've got to - the quantity of fabric and thread I have amassed over the years cannot be left unused!

But for now the garden is taking all my attention and when I do have "free time" I'm usually so tired that quilting is the last thing on my mind. However, my friend QuiltSue has a cunning plan to rectify this situation:

Blog Button"

She has lots of other friends signed up to participate, this could just be the kick I need to get the sewing machine dusted off.


  1. Don't panic. There will be plenty of long dark evenings and wet dreary days in the winter when you will be glad to have a reason not to be in the garden

  2. When we first came here someone said to me "winters and long here - and wet" and she was right!

    That is why I'm not stressing about the current lack of fabric action.

  3. I really enjoyed Sue's quilt a long and fun day...
    Go, you'll enjoy it. :-) x x x


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