Sunday, 1 August 2010

End of another month

August - how did that happen?

Thanks to lousy weather (this is summer, huh?) I've not spent much of July in the garden and am frustrated because I feel I'm making no progress in tidying up. It is wonderful to have such a big garden but "big" can be a problem. We're still at the stage where all of the jobs/projects are "big" and cannot be accomplished in a day, or even a weekend.

We start something with the best of intentions and either run out of time, or the weather turns unhelpful, and because we're busy doing other things we don't get back to whatever we started - and so the feeling of never achieving anything( even though I never stop) continues.

These stumps in what will be the Cottage Garden area are a perfect example. We started clearing them on 4th June - and for one reason or another have not made any progress since. Grrrr.

In an attempt to be positive, the Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is doing well in the middle of the lawn and the buddleia is attracting plenty of butterflies.

The potager however, is on the verge of getting completely out of control. Why do 2 people NEED three courgette plants ... especially when one of the two people is away all week?

I know I am bad at starting things and not finishing them - the quantity of half-finished quilt tops I used to hoard is a prime example (although I caught up with all my quilt UFOs before we moved*), the number of half-read books next to the bed is a joke and I have so many magazines unread that I've resorted to putting a coffee table next to my chair in the sitting room in order to have them all in one place - and the table is full! Then there are the photos waiting to the processed, or the blog posts half written but not published - sigh.

There is no easy answer but I'm telling myself that recognising the problem is half the battle ...

* now I just have 8 finished tops waiting to be quilted :{


  1. Hey Bilbo, don't beat yourself up, you need to focus on what you have achieved, which is a huge amount, you only need to skim back through your blog to see that. I saw another blog which was running a "one thing one week" challenge, maybe you need to try that for August, say. Pick something at the beginning of the week and concentrate on it until the end of the week, put the rest of it out of your mind. Then pick something new the following week. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like a good idea to me, it's so easy to get overwhelmed when you look at everything that needs doing.

  2. But it's far better than being one of these people who are always bored and have nothing to do!

  3. Bless you both - and thank you.

    Friends are the special people who pick you up when you stumble :}

    Ali, I'll have a look at the One Week Challenge later, it is an excellent idea.

  4. I suggest a more sedate week this week - have some you time and reflect on all that has been achieved how good everything will look in another 12 months, and how many new orchids you'll have to mow around next year!

  5. Thanks James, you know this is a hard week - but we'll get through it :}

  6. How long is it since you didn't even HAVE a potager? Not long. THAT'S how much you achieve!

    You always need 3 courgette plants. If you only plant one it dies. If you plant 2, one dies. If you plant 3 you can't shift for courgettes!

  7. Thanks VH, you are right - this time last year there was no Potager.

    And as for the Tao of Courgette . . . got any good marrow recipes?

  8. I for one am in total awe of what you have achieved in only a year. I think Ali's suggestion of one thing a week is a good one.

  9. Thanks Sue, day definitely got better - see bonfire entry! (Task for this week is to clear up the rubbish left from last night's fire - will that do?)

  10. Ha! I agree with Flum's Law on courgette plants!

    This courgette soup looks nice & will be tried & tested be me later:

  11. Thanks Hazel, there are some interesting ones here too:

    (this lady is Mrs "Mr Tomato King" if you know what I mean)


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