Monday, 2 August 2010

Blog lag

This keeping an online diary lark is all very well - but keeping it up-to-date is not always so simple. It is definitely not simple when I'm usually so busy that by the time I stop that I'm too knackered to do anything on the computer, and then the next day I start up again and bla bla bla

But in the last week or so the bathroom tiling has been finished and looks fantastic.

Has ever a bathroom taken so long to refurbish? Delays caused by me taking a few days off to spend with the girls, then the carpenter went on holiday and this week none of us could get our schedules to coincide. Hopefully next week we will make more progress.

A bit of lateral thinking and reorganisation of the shelving units in the basement room means I've managed to get everything back in and have room to spare without the need for a major clear-out.

Management has been busy with white paint and although the walls need a second coat, one of his bike workshops is taking shape nicely and I hope he will soon be able to move some of his engine parts into it and start enjoying the space. I am in the process of tracking down an electrician to provide him with lots of light and much needed power sockets.


  1. The bathroom's going to be gorgeous when it's finished, and the storage space and garage look good too. Fine progress!

  2. See? I KNEW you wouldn't be able to throw/clear anything out

  3. Thank you girls, don't panic Sue - I still have enough supplies to last two lifetimes.


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