Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bank Holiday started early

It's been a busy week but I'm damned if I can remember what I did for most of it. Thursday however, saw Management working at home and a very confused Hobbit who thought it felt like Saturday.

The day started with a deep and meaningful conversation with this young Rook. First thing in the morning (that's 5.30am first thing) if there is no food laying around on the ground he thinks it is a good idea to sit on the kitchen windowsill and bang on the glass. First time it happened I was in the house alone and it certainly got the adrenaline flowing whilst I tried to work out what the hell the noise was. Sadly, despite many instances of creeping into the kitchen and trying to hide behind the fridge I have not managed to photograph the little bugger in the act . . . I'll get him one day!

The weather looked like it was going to co-operate so I spent a smelly couple of hours applying creosote to the new posts:

James did have a go at attempting to explain converging verticals to me. Whilst I sort of understood it, I could not possibly explain the principles to anyone else, suffice it to say I understand that my camera lens is not as naff as I feared - those posts are definitely straight!

I set to and turned a barrow load of rubbish timber into three big buckets of kindling.

This is why a new bathroom floor was a necessity, not a luxury:

Good job I'd done the posts early in the day - an unexpected phone call to give me half an hour's notice that Paul and Alan were on their way with most of the trellis.

You'll have to take my word for it that the posts are straight and the trellis is completely level - the photographs, however, are not.

I'll be the first to admit that in its unfinished state it looks a bit out of place and somewhat stark. Me thinks I will be spending a lot of this Bank Holiday in close proximity to a large drum of creosote :}


  1. Firstly, 5.30 am is not 'first thing in the morning', it is 'middle of the night' - although I can't wait for pics of your young man dressed in black, if you can snatch them.

    Next up, the bathroom floor pieces are very scary and new floorboards clearly a neccesity - but where are the pics of new ablutions house fit for Cleopatra?

    I have hazy memories of physics lessons & the phrase 'non-parallax' springs to mind re: the apparent verticality or otherwise of your posts. The scale of your trellis project is rather breathtaking - assuming that the young man pictured for scale is not overly petite.
    Remind me - what the final thoughts are for these? Beds dug out & climbers up the trellis, or something different?

  2. Busy week. The trellis is going to look great once you've "naturalised" it.

    I agree with you bout the new blogger - I hate the way it won't let me do what I want with photos.

  3. Hazel, you are right - it is silly-o'clock. We have never put food on the sill - he's worked this out for himself.

    Will do a bathroom update on the other blog (eventually!), the rotted stuff was under the old shower.

    Trellis panels finish 7 foot high, ones on the left of the arch are 6' wide, ones on the right are 5' wide, gap is also 5 foot - plenty of room for wheelbarrows and mowers.

    Destined to be covered with clematis, honeysuckle, climbing rose, et al.

    Sue - not happy that you are also fighting with Blogger but glad it's not just me.

  4. Nice rook photo - you managed to capture the iridescense of his plumage nicely - a handsome chappie.

    Is the old floor (what remains of it) suitable burning material? Might as well get some use from it!


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