Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Avoidance tactics?

Not intentionally, but spending nearly all day making compost bins ensured I didn't get the creosote out and three large trellis panels still look terribly pale and new.

Management has booked his late summer holiday to coincide with blazing sunshine and unexpectedly high temperatures. He smiles and says "I've done it again" which is strange for someone who doesn't function well when it is too hot ...

He did motorbike stuff, I spent all day making three compost bins out of old pallets. Solved the problem of the bins looking crooked when they were straight by covering up or removing everything which was causing the optical illusion. The larch slab at the back of the bins has been covered with thick plastic sheeting and the fence post extensions have been taken off and I'll think of another way of screening this corner.

(The white bags contain the remains of the straw bales which are coming in very handy as a brown layer when dealing with copious amounts of grass clippings)

Construction was not helped mid-afternoon by a village-wide power cut, I resorted to a hand saw to cut larch slab to length for the fronts and seriously considered getting the chainsaw out.

Once the bins were (nearly) finished (subsequently decided to put capping on the pallet edge which now faces upwards) I emptied all four daleks. With the benefit of hindsight probably a bloody silly thing to do because I am knackered, and it didn't end well for the mouse nest I found in the bottom of one of them ... but the end result is a splendid and very workman-like looking bin which hopefully will heat up. Despite my good intentions to turn it in a couple of weeks I suspect it will now all stay where it is for many months.

At the risk of shooting myself in the metatarsals by admitting to a plan, the next stage is to make a large pallet-based bin behind the log store just for grass clippings, and decide on a location for the daleks which are going to be filled with leaves.


  1. Very well done Hobbit! The compost area is the powerhouse of the garden. I don't know who said that originally, but I did just now!

  2. Thanks VH. A friend visited yesterday who had not seen the garden for ages. Whilst she was complimentary and appreciative of the trellis, potager, bla bla bla, she REALLY got excited about the compost bins!

    Perhaps that should be how we measure our garden visitors - by how much they "get" the composting arrangements :} :} :}


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