Sunday, 29 August 2010


Is summer over? ("What summer?" asks a little voice at the back)

There's a feeling, an awareness, a sense that the seasons are changing. The air feels different, after supper it seems chilly, time to draw the curtains, tuck toes under a quilt.

One of our rowan trees is heavily laden with berries and the cotoneaster is not far behind. Is this an indicator that we will have another hard winter? Another rowan has no fruit at all - worried about the health of the tree. Whilst I have no qualms at all about felling any leylandii within fifty paces, our native Mountain Ash is a great favourite and not one we would want to lose.


  1. I never really think the quantity of berries is anything to do with the season to come, but everything to do with the season just gone. Yes, its really feeling what the locals call 'back-endish' here!

  2. VH, I know you are right and that is the way nature works, but isn't there an old saying, something about lots of berries being a forewarning of a long winter?

  3. Yes, but there are lots of daft old sayings!

  4. Hi Bilbo....the seasons are changing for sure.
    My opinion differs to vegetable heaven, in as much, that I watch wildlife and their behaviour.
    I personally have found them to be great indicators of weather change and patterns.
    Country folk say that if the berries are still on the trees in October then a hard winter lies ahead. If the birds eat the produce before October the winter will be an average one.

    The berries on my trees and shrubs were left last year and we had the worst winter for thirty or more years. Whether you are a believer or not it is good to watch and see how true these old ways are.

  5. Did I read that plants react to stress by fruiting like mad?

    I definitely read that this Autumn is not likely to be have overly spectacular colours because of the number of leaves that have been shed in response to the dry Summer. Although, I possibly read this before the masses of rain that have fallen in the last couple of weeks...

  6. Hi Bilbo,

    Beautiful photo at the top of the page. Been a bit out of touch lately with your 'progress' but I see you have been as busy as usual. Your log store is growing! Re the berries, there is a lot of truth in the old sayings I reckon! Jill

  7. Hi Jill, I was thinking about you this afternoon (whilst painting more of that trellis!) Have you got any plans to come up to Oak Cottage in the foreseeable future?
    hugs, Bilbo.


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