Monday, 26 July 2010

Why I don't grow Petunias

I don't care how many millions of the blasted plants are raised and sold in garden centres up and down the land each year, I really do not like petunias.

I don't particularly like the way they look
I REALLY don't like the way the blooms go nasty and soggy and make your hand stink when you deadhead them
I REALLY REALLY don't like what one week of summer rain does to them ...

During the Drought Known As Early Summer 2010 five plants stuffed in a tub looked OK. In my defence, I didn't buy them - they came as part of a cheapo job lot from Aldi earlier in the year when I wanted the other bedding plants in the same pack for the Hay Racks. Despite my intentions to compost them or give the dratted things away I forgot how much I dislike them and planted 'em up.

Never again. (Yes Hazel, you can remind me of this in April next year)


  1. I have fought the battle and won against petunias in baskets this year and no seeds have been purchased!

  2. Well done that girl! As I am Head Gardener I don't have any battles - just got to remember not to accidentally buy the ruddy things as part of a job lot from Aldi!


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