Thursday, 8 July 2010

An unexpected compliment

The local Citylink driver has just delivered my latest gardening book (thank you Amazon). I hold SewAli and her lovely Lumberjack solely responsible for this purchase.

(if you're seeing this in Google Reader, the link doesn't show)

I was in the middle of mowing grass and pulling thistles. The young driver is obviously not a gardener but stopped and asked "why do you just mow bits of your lawn and leave some of it so long". He got a 60-second explanation of Common Spotted Orchid, clover for the bees, self-heal just coming into flower, grasses going to seed for the birds.

"Ah" he said "I did wonder, it looks a bit like a nature reserve you see, it's nice, a bit different".

I just said thank you but I could have hugged him. He'll never know what a compliment he paid me, bless his 20-something little heart.


  1. Aha, I thought you were going to hold us responsible for another purchase!

    What a lovely compliment from your CityLink driver, some of the yoof are more observant than they're given credit for.

  2. Oh, don't worry, I'll hold you responsible for the "other" purchase when it arrives {{grin}}.

    Yes, if you saw this "yoof" you'd think twice about asking him the time but you are absolutely right in your comment.

  3. Isn't that self-heal a striking colour though? Who'd mow it off?

  4. Not me, Mrs Flum, I mow round it! Want me to dig up a bit and bring it over for you?

  5. We're waiting for the allotments officer to complain about where we leave the grass long! He's not a gardener!

  6. How can you have a Lottie Officer who doesn't garden?

  7. Now there is a good question - I don't think he does much of anything and would like allotments to just go away.

  8. Who runs/owns your site? In our village, the allotments are owned by the Parish Council and run by a sub-committee of three who decide what needs to be done, with the Parish Clerk actually dealing with tenants, rent collection, arranging repairs, etc.

  9. The council run the site and the allotment officer is an employee who just happens to have allotments as part of his portfolio of responsibilities.


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