Sunday, 25 July 2010


Two is good, but three is even more effective . . .

James came over for the day and it was obvious that he too wanted to play with explore in detail the fine art of running a log splitter all day.

With one to press buttons, one to load the splitter and one to fill the log store we suddenly found ourselves with this

Which does not include the car full of logs that James took back to his cottage.

Have now split just about all the accessible "disc" chunks of wood. Need to have a good session with the chainsaw rendering more of this huge pile into "stove sized" lengths.

Original estimates were that this pile contained enough timber to last us two winters - I'm starting to think it might be considerably longer!


  1. Thank you to both Hobbit and Management for a perversely enjoyable day. The red sighting as I was about to leave was more than the icing on the cake and no doubt another topic :)

  2. Ah yes - the particularly inelegant photos I have of you crawling along the grass on your belly to take particularly STUNNING shots of the red squirrel .....


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