Friday, 16 July 2010

Summer storms

Drew back the curtains this morning with considerable trepidation. Big summer storm last night, very high winds (forecast was for 50mph in places), not so much rain as Deluge of Biblical Proportions.

Despite being staked a couple of the sunflowers have gone over, sad but I will grow them again and next year they will be in a different (more protected) location and there will be three times as many.

All the water butts are full, the greenhouse is still standing, and the grand plans for this weekend are definitely on hold.

The cheapo white awning is no more. Found it wrapped around the compost daleks and half way up the large Acer. Still haven't located the green plastic garden sieve :}, perfect example of "if it isn't fixed down it will blow away".

Shelter Belt is key - I had already made the decision that, with the Potager just about completed, the next major project at Bag End was to get on with re-establishing hedges. Last night confirms that is the right thing to focus on.

The weather is so disgusting at present that, despite it being mid-July, after dinner we caved in and lit the WBS!


  1. It's been pretty grim here too, but the rain is good. We haven't had to light the WBS yet, but that's probably because we were away for the worst night :o). All the awnings have had to come in / down, which is a nuisance when the sun comes out.

  2. Stormy here too. It was our village show today and we had several very heavy showers but there's enough shelter at hand. We were under small marquees, fortunately!

  3. Hope your show went well - did you do well and win lots of prizes?

  4. Snap here too Bilbo. Our famous 'West Wind' blew like a good 'un. No damage here, next door had a tree in their pond in the morning. There's talk of our hosepipe ban being lifted!

  5. It was very wind down here and I did fret over my apples but they seemed to have coped ok. The weather is unbelievable at the moment.

  6. We've had stormy weather too - but here in the west mids not on the scale that you've had, I think.

    Just as well with flapping tarpaulin (?sp) and buckets to catch the drips...

  7. Very windy here too battering the flowers that have just come out!

  8. Not too bad down south - a few showers and quite a bit windy - but enough to make me postpone a trip NW until next weekend.

  9. thank you all for your comments.

    James, you wouldn't have been able to do anything this weekend. Way to wet to be in the garden and far too windy to safely be up in the fells.

    Fingers crossed for next w/end

  10. The weather here is sunshine and showers. The winds have been strong though. I put hedges all around the garden, when we moved here, to slow the wind down I have also put hedges within the has worked fairly well but I still have alot to learn.

    Do hope you retrieve everything and that sunflower is beautiful......


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