Thursday, 22 July 2010

Summer Storms, 2

After the recent high winds I wasn't at all surprised to find a very long piece of Silver Birch laying in the Coppice - easy to deal with, dragged it to the bonfire pit.

Not surprised to see another small branch broken off the same tree but trapped in the branches, no problem, if and when it ever falls it won't do any damage (and the squirrel box - they've never been near it!)

More of a problem is a different tree with a 30 foot plus thick branch that has half broken, the bulk of which is now hanging down into the church car park (the other side of our fence) and too high for us to safely cut off.

All this probably happened a week or more back - you know the garden is out of control when branches the size of small trees fall down and you don't notice! John Lowe due on Friday afternoon to assess the damage and fix it.


  1. All part of nature's cycle I guess. Shame about the squirrels, but Rome was not built in a day - hang in there.

  2. Thanks SewAli, glad you approve.

    James - you're not offering to cut it down then?

  3. Pass me the Huska^W Husquav^W Husquevar^W chainsaw and I'll have a go!

  4. Dear James

    NO you won't. I prefer my friends alive and in one piece. John, however, gets paid to do stupid things.

    love Bilbo

  5. I think he just wants to play with some of your big-boy toys. Nothing to do with helping you or anything.


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