Friday, 23 July 2010

Provencal Potager

Whilst nowhere near rural France, the Potager is doing its best imitation of being considerably further south than it really is.

The sunflowers are all in bloom and looking wonderful, although they're in completely the wrong positions and will go somewhere else next year - until hedges are fully grown they are getting hit by the wind and, being sunflowers, they turn their heads to the south which means I can't see the blooms from the house - d'uh?

Hiding under the squash leaves are three beautiful fruits, nothing yet from the Butternut Squash which (I think) would prefer to be in more sun on the fedge bed side.

All the grass cutting yesterday was for a reason - my friend Nic visited this afternoon (all the way from Gloucester) and I wanted Bag End to look nice for her first visit. We talked and laughed all afternoon accompanied by the gorgeous G (Mr Nic) and sat in the sun and ate scones & strawberries (she has the food photos).


  1. The potager is looking fabulous. The squash are impressive too. This morning I harvested four eggs and a gherkin - sounds like a Hollywood Film title eh?

  2. Wow Bilbo, the garden looks amazing, what a reward for all your hard work!! I hope management has some time at home to enjoy it.

  3. Wonderrful looking squashes. Tell Mrs Flum it's a good job it wasn't 2 eggs and a gherkin.

  4. Thanks girls, it does look smart (by Bag End standards) at present but sadly Mgt isn't really getting much benefit right now. Chin up, he won't be away forever.

  5. It's looking FAB-U-LOUS is all I can say. A riot of colour and some nice fruits coming along.

    The rhubarb seems to have found its stride now! Where are the next 8 potagers going then, given how much you've filled these ones up?

  6. Where are the next 8 potagers going then

    If I tell you then I may have to kill you, or make you build them . . .

    Surely you know better than to ask if there is a P*** (4-letter word)

  7. bless you for making it so nice for our visit. It's ace to see your photos now and picture exactly where you were stood when you took them.
    We're in Aberdeen now and after a very stomach churning journey through the Cairgorms I'm chilling at our friend's house while gorgeous G is out on his bike.


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