Friday, 2 July 2010


Bit of rain yesterday and quite a lot more in the night (although still not nearly enough). Accompanied by a very fresh breeze and this was the nursery area at breakfast time.

Does not matter one iota, this was always a very temporary space and all the plants I want to keep have already been moved to the other end of the greenhouse. Suppose I ought to tidy it all up but a small bathroom awaits - because Wayne is so busy I am putting the rough bonding onto the first plaster coat. Guess I ought to get on with it ...


  1. I'm glad that nothing vital was lost in the chaos at the side of the greenhouse, and indeed, you will have learnt a great deal about robustness of netting (or otherwise!) and exposure of that particular area to squally gusts.

    Glad you've had a bit of rain - here too, last night, but nothing more than damping down the dust.

    I'm not 'officially' on the build squad as you are in the bathroom, but will nonetheless be spending a great deal of the weekend shifting 'stuff' - the spare slabs to somewhere which is NOT in the courtyard (outside has now been 'made good', no more recycled slabs are required - there are dozens of them not needed); the scaffold boards to inside the garage; redistribution of skip contents to make sure that nothing useful has been binned; picking up all the rubbish that has accumulated in the form of empty cement bags, insulation wrapping etc; squirreling away the pallets that the bricks were on ... etc etc

    It will be worth it for the end result for us both, I'm sure - although I really didn't need to know about you enjoying the view whilst 'enthroned'........ {gg}

  2. Cheers Hazel, good luck clearing up this weekend, know I don't have to tell you not to chuck anything which you might need later (like those slabs). I'm not officially on the build squad either . . . but sometimes, needs must!

    (PS: I knew the stake holding the netting was likely to get blown over, the other two stakes have guy lines on them, now you see why we want Patersons to put something considerably more robust in!)

  3. Wish it would rain here! Who'd have thought I'd be saying that earlier in the year when we couldn't dig the mud!

  4. No rain here! Bit of wind though but a warm 'hair-dryer' type. Hope all the building stuff is soon over with. You forget how bad it was when you are enjoying the finished product!

  5. How I envy you the rain. Here in the SE we have had the driest six months since 1929. My large trees are so dry they are losing their lower leaves.

    There is always too much to do......I had three jobs going at once this morning, and suddenly realised it was me causing the chaos. Note to self: Do one thing at a time.

  6. GLA - I would not have thought we would be asking for rain - especially after the floods last year.

    Flummery - actually, this work isn't too bad. I think the fact that we are project managing it ourselves helps a lot and as it's taken so long to get around to starting the job, we're fairly relaxed about how long it takes to get done.

    Cheryl, driest Spring since 1929 here too, I've noticed some tree stress too. As for too much to do, only three jobs at once {giggle}?

    Think yourself lucky, I've just realised I left my purse at a friends this afternoon and have to do a 50 mile round trip in the morning to get it. That's a job which was not on tomorrow's list.


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