Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The one which got away


Somehow managed to miss this one on the nightly foray for vegetables for the evening meal. Stuffed marrow anyone?

It is more likely this monster will find its way into more ratatouille, accompanied by something I was told would not grow in Cumbria, even in a greenhouse

TA DA - our first aubergine.

If only the tomatoes would be similarly enthusiastic. Despite the setting of much fruit and fairly healthy looking plants, nothing is ripe and it's been so cold the last couple of weeks I can't see this situation changing in a hurry.


  1. We're having the same problem with tomatoes - we planted Sweet Million and there are loads of fruit on it, but all of it green! We're also growing aubergines but only baby ones and they're only just beginning to fruit :)

  2. Don't look over here for courgette sympathy! {gg}. Builders now not allowed to leave to go home without armfuls of the things.

  3. ....lovely looking aubergine, though.

  4. Thanks Karen, BTW, visited your blog - your needlework is drop-dead gorgeous!! Those samplers - Oh, wow!

    Hazel - I know better than to come crawling to you for sympathy :} Time to dig out Nic's recipe for Marrow Cream?

  5. I found a whopper yesterday too. I've given up trying to grow a decent aubergine though.

  6. wow the camera doesn't lie does it - your aubergine really did look that good! What did you make with it in the end?

  7. Nic - ratatouille (just for a change!)


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