Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No charge, lass

I'd detoured via Patersons on my way home from Cockermouth to nag gently enquire as to when we might get some trellis that has been on order for some time. This sort of progress chasing can take quite a while as Mrs P and I sit in her office (portacabin) and discuss a wide ranging and varied selection of subjects before we get to the matter in hand.

I commented on a pile of pallets by her gate thinking of compost bin potential and all sorts of other recycling possibilities in the garden. The reply was "whatever you can take with you is yours - I just want to get rid of them".

Sadly I couldn't accept the offer, despite being a big car, pallets do not fit in the back of Hattie. So Mrs P went off to have a conflab. with Mr P, the end result of which was that two days later "the lad" turned up with a pickup and this was on the back.

He accepted a few quid as thanks for bringing them all of 1½ miles across the river but Mr P would not take any money for the pallets: "no charge lass, you're welcome to them".

Now all I have to do is move them off the drive and decide what to recycle them into!


  1. Brilliant! Sounds just like the sort of thing my other half used to do when we lived in a village although his exchanges usually involved exchange iron for something edible! But did you resolve the ETA for the trellis?

  2. QuiltSue - bargain indeed, especially as the pile I looked at contained only 4 or 5 pallets but 12 were delivered!

    Sarum - trellis ETA "directly after our holiday", my understanding being that directly is West Cumbrian for manyana

  3. You will have done him a favour bilbo as pallets amassing can be a real headache and costly to get rid of. Consider it as you helped him - and go back for more when you need them!


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