Saturday, 10 July 2010

NGS Garden Visit, Chapelside

My third visit to a horticultural paradise, this is definitely my favourite of all the NGS Open Gardens I've visited in Cumbria.

Given how long I stay at Chapelside on each visit I now feel I know the design and layout intimately, today's trip was to focus on planting.

I first called in to Birds' Bistro to stock up and drove to Mungrisdale along back roads which allowed this view as I approached from the east. It shows how the garden nestles under the fells and how the wind can whistle through the gap between Souther Fell and Bowscale, certainly was windy on this visit.

I took well over 100 pictures, they are safely stored on my hard drives. It would be silly to show more than a selection here.

Aerial view from Google Maps

Very inviting entrance but most of the plants are (technically) weeds.

This lichen-encrusted seat has become an art installation.

An even bigger composting area than mine? Not to worry - I have room (and plans) to expand down the side of the shed :}>

Even in the rain, both ponds look lovely

Little touches like this, and the window below, feel effortless.

Japanese in style, but doesn't feel contrived.

Herbaceous planting made to look simple.

Hope for Bag End? They even make uncultivated look good.


  1. The first of the mahoosive catchup that I've looked at and very encouraging. So verdant and so neat and tidy without looking contrived or staged.

  2. PS I wish my weeds looked like their weeds!

  3. Verdant is a perfect description. Robin and Tricia open April, May, June and July, on a Friday & Saturday. Go to NGS website and do a search on Garden Name for this year's dates.

    And then plan a visit accordingly ... I might even meet you there!


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