Friday, 9 July 2010

More shopping!

Although SewAli expects to be "blamed" for this purchase, I suspect I will be thanking her and the Lumberjack. A much needed bit of serious log-spitting kit has arrived. We want to make a start on filling the log store for the coming winter but with Management away so much, if it's down to me and a manual splitting maul we won't get very far.

An unplanned diversion into the second-hand bookshop in Cockermouth; two of these books are brand new, the other two have so little wear as to have been hardly touched. So much to read, so little time .....


  1. Oh nice piece of kit. I'm sure that you'll have endless hours of fun with it.

    Do you really need a book on meadows? You seem to be managing quite well given the interesting flora that you already have.

  2. Dear James,

    Yes, it is a nice bit of kit and yes you can play with it next time you're here. As for needing a book, hmm, let's talk about need . . . another tripod, lens, software, VR head, more lenses, more software shall I go on or do you admit defeat? pfnar, pfnar, pfnar

    love Bilbo

  3. I suppose that the use of the word 'need' in this context could possibly be replaced by 'want, desire, extremely useful, toy' instead.

    However, the word 'need' is not diminished by these alternative definitions - some girls 'need' shoes, some 'need' a big tele or a sound system, hobbit 'needs' wood chopper & books, James 'needs' camera equipment, Hazel will 'need' new crockery, pots, pans for the kitchen etc.......


  4. Thank you Hazel, much appreciated smiles from your comment.

    When you come to visit I will hand you the large splitting maul and a barrow-load of logs. Bets might be taken as to how quickly you decide that a 4 ton hydraulic splitter is much needed!

    Joking aside, you are absolutely correct that your new kitchen will need different pots and pans (and quilted placemats?)


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