Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I was going to go to Carlisle

No, make that I have to go to Carlisle. Nephew's wedding to go to and nothing to wear, but, when the day starts like this, shopping can wait.

Another barrow-load of logs through the new splitter (did two Monday afternoon). Working solo it takes a bit longer than I expected but is exceptionally powerful and very satisfying to use.

Weeded the driveway, again, and moved clutter - the drive is a really good "dumping ground" but things do tend to stay there far too long. At some point I'll get someone to remove 6" of crumbling tarmac from the edges, fill the space with gravel and chuck some poppy seeds on top.

Long afternoon doing general tidying up, pulling more thistles before they go to seed, dragging bits of timber around ready for next bonfire, all-in-all, a pretty "normal" day at Bag End.

Most of what I pull up is Cirsium arvense, Creeping Thistle, but there is no way I am trashing these beauties until they have finished flowering (and even then I will be tempted to leave the seeds). Covered in small insects and bees, and lots of finches and sparrows going after the insects. Did I mention the House Sparrows? A neighbour has moved and the house is empty whilst the new people do it up. A flock of Sparrows have therefore decamped to Bag End where they have found plentiful food and places to roost, both adults and babies, they are a wonderful sight.

Cirsium vulgare - Spear Thistle, also known as Bull Thistle, Scotch Thistle. Certain plants are over 5 foot tall at Bag End and look wonderful.


  1. Oh yes they are rather nice even if considered weeds - now will your goldfinches be persuaded that thistle seed is worth the extra effort? Oh, and with a day like that, dodging out of Carlisle was the right choice I feel.

  2. I do love a good thistle. Are you familiar with the Melancholy Thistle? It droops its head. Awww, bless!

  3. Who needs clothes anyway!! I know where I would rather be.
    So pleased to hear your comment on thistles.....I let them stay, they are such a wonderful plant for wildlife, as you so rightly say. I also love the colour......teasels are just beginning to open here, now I wait for butterflies!!!!!

    The log spliter looks great........
    I stacked a ton of logs last year on my own.....never again.....

  4. They may be a weed, but they are very beautiful weeds. I love the colour of the flower against the silvery foliage.

  5. Many 'weeds' are rea;;y attractive aren't they?

    Hope you manage to get something to wear to the wedding

  6. Thank you girls (and James!). Glad we are all on the same page with the thistles - no such thing as weeds, merely some plants that are in the wrong place.

    Went to Carlisle today and managed linen trousers, a jackety/cardigany thing and a wicked scarf! All items I can get lots of use from on other occasions. Still need shoes and a little top but they can be found locally. Buying gardening or fellwalking clothes is so much easier (and more fun)

    (PS - Flum - I have heard of the Melancholy Thistle but don't think we have it here)

  7. Would I recognise those tousers by any chance Glad you got sorted out. Did you go on the chuffer?
    You will be ammused to hear that our neighbour counted over 60 house sparrows from the clematis on our shed the other day - I did tell you we were over run with them! Mind you that blessed Sparrow hawk had one in front of our eyes today ;-(


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