Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I'd rather be chopping logs

a.k.a. The Joy of Having a Basement

Management is busy applying multiple layers of tanking to the recently emptied garage. Whilst he is in London it seemed like a good opportunity to take everything out of the basement room and dump it in the garage whilst I dealt with another requirement for more tanking.

Shouldn't complain, given how much rain we had last year it's not bad that the only damage in this room is on the front wall and all that's happened is the paint has flaked off, it looks worse in the photo than in real life.

Even so, it was a stark reminder that I have way too much quilting stuff and art materials . . .


  1. Wash your mouth out Bilbo, there's no such thing as too much quilting stuff LOL!!

  2. Blimey. Is that the same room I saw earlier in the same day, full of rolls of techinical looking fabris and LOTS of boxes of stuff? If it is, how much went in the bin??? (Not much, I'll bet!)

  3. Yes CB, I emptied it after you and Her Ladyship left. I confess - not much got chucked on the way out but a little more might be edited on the way back in!

  4. "a little more might be edited on the way back in!" you say. Why don't I believe that?

  5. Oh yea of little faith ... I'm hurt, crushed, (and laughing out loud ......)

    but I do have a huge sack of wool to take to my village sewing group this afternoon, someone is bound to take it off my hands!

  6. SewAli - coming from someone who buys wadding by the container load, your comment made me laugh - a lot!


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