Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

(edit: subsequently posted the garden pictures on the 20th, the day we visited, so this appears to be out of order chronologically, bit like me really ....)

Safely returned to Bag End
despite some disgusting weather between Scotch Corner and Penrith, it was an "interesting experience" to come down off Bowes Moor (out of cloud) and see more rain cloud beneath me and drive into it

What a fabulous couple of days although I am completely knackered and my throat is sore ... Harlow Carr is quite wonderful. I have been to the RHS garden at Wisley many times but Harlow Carr is an order of magnitude better.

Much walking, much talking, much laughing and some outstanding food, our best get-together yet. We normally sew when we meet but no-one missed the fabric content, really look forward to the next one.

Had a quick look at the photos last night, all 176
of them, that will reduce significantly by the time I have done some weeding however.


  1. You must have hit the torrential rainstorm that we had here.

  2. Welcome back and glad that you enjoyed some time away from Bag End, even if your ideas list has now quadrupled in size!

  3. Wasn't it grand? Definitely our best quilters' meeting yet - there must be loads of inspiration in a garden - if we even needed an excuse!

    Fabulous flower that. If I lived near enogh those seed heads wouldn't be safe!

  4. 148 photos and you show me feet and a couple of flowers? Where are your veg shots?! Flum's already told me that I would have loved the kitchen gardens, so lets see some pics! {gg}

    Glad you all had a lovely time & I'm sure that Management coped with watering duties admirably!

  5. GLA - that bit of the A66 is new to me (but I love it, must explore Bowes Moor area one day) and the rain was horrendous, could hardly see the road in front of car at one point.

    James - how well you know me (scarey that!!)

    VH - I don't think we ever needed an excuse or inspiration to talk a lot {smile}

  6. Hazel - patience dear girl, patience . You would have more than loved the kitchen gardens, you'd have made a little soil scrape by the crab apples and settled down for the night!

  7. Don't believe her everyone - there was quilty talk, and the photo is on my blog to prove it! (hee, hee)

  8. Welcome home....glad you had a wonderful couple of days, hope you feel refreshed.

    Love the peony poppy...I have them in my garden, gorgeous......

  9. Definitely a great get-together, thanks everyone for making it a couple of days to remember.

  10. Thanks Cheryl, now I know what that beauty is called {smile}.

    SewAli - recovered yet? {hugs}

  11. I remember the wonderful rhubarb collection at Harlow Carr. I hope you visited Bettys tea room while you were there. PS Ollies sunflower came out today just as I was leaving to go on my hols. I took a wonderful photo to post when I get back.

  12. Hi Matron, the rhubarb beds are still there and yes, we ate at Betty's - it was wonderful.

    Glad the sunflower came out for you before you left. Hope you have a wonderful trip.


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