Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hello Sweetie

Our first sunflower of the season.

A couple of weeks earlier than last year, very welcome but bittersweet.


  1. They are such happy cheerful blooms....they always make me smile.....bittersweet indeed.

  2. Yours are ahead of mine. Mind, yours were planted earlier. Will have to send you a pic of Ollie's sunflowers when they open in the next couple of weeks.

  3. My sunflowers are not in bloom yet. About 5 foot high and heading up nicely. Will break my golden rule.. and post a picture of a flower when it does bloom. For Ollie.

  4. Thank you Matron. I think I need to follow Rebsie and Flummery into plant breeding. I claimed these sunflowers were "1m tall, multi-headed/stemmed"; hmm, the genetics lied! I also have a couple of plants that have reached 5 foot on a single stem {g}

  5. mine are exactly as you said on the label and growing well. They've not unfurled their sunshine yellow yet but I shall take some pics for you as soon as they do. It's very special that you shared them x

  6. Hi Nic, we definitely need to save some seeds from yours then, 'cos it sounds like you got the well-behaved genes and Matron and I got the unruly ones!


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