Thursday, 1 July 2010


What is it about this time of year? Looking back at gardening journals I see a definite theme - I am always hacked off with the garden at the end of June and beginning of July. It is either because the weather has been too dry and I can't get out and work the soil and am fed up with the amount of watering required, or it is too wet and I can't get out and work the soil and fed up with the amount of water around ...

Perhaps it is more basic than that - maybe it's because as soon as we pass Solstice I am keenly aware that the days will be getting shorter. Given that it is still light enough at 10.30pm for me to be outside watering without lights on that's silly, but time marches inexorably on and not even a Hobbit can stop it!

Frustration this year comes from the June calendar where I didn't achieve as much as I would have liked and the continued inability of my hip to function as it ought. Not really complaining - at least we have finally had a little rain.


  1. Have you seen the amount of rain forecast for this wekend and the start of next week. You can certainly tell I'm coming up in a tent.

    At this rate it won't be which day am I not walking but which day am I walking on.

    I know you need the rain but couldn't you have waited a little bit longer LOL.

  2. No rain for us I'm afraid.

    Strange you find June depressing as it's the time for me when the allotment starts to look as though it is a food production unit! But I know what you mean about the feeling that days are shortening.

  3. I wish we'd had a little rain! We had one overnighter that didn't really go down into the soil. I'm off out after lunch with my wheelbarrow full of 2 litre milk containers full of water to do the village troughs and tubs.

    Then I'd better do the same at the allotment if I want my peas, beans and courgettes to swell up. We're never satisfied are we?

  4. Angela - sorry :{ We had a good amount of rain last night (not nearly enough though) and today is very sunny and breezy - quite glorious.

    GLA - your plots are looking wonderful, I've been at your blog, sorry I didn't comment, naughty Hobbit.

    Flummery - that's hard work pushing water around in a barrow, good luck.

  5. Hope you managed more rain than us. All we have had is 4mm overnight last night. It was blowing all day yesterday, and again today (and sunny), so the transpiration loss will be far higher than we gained ;-( Mind you, it's bound to rain this weekend, it's our local show.
    BTW Half the carpet looks amazing!

  6. CB - when is the show? We try to support all the local ones.


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