Sunday, 11 July 2010

Blight warning

The text message alerts really work - and this is the current chart for our area.

If you grow potatoes or tomatoes and have not already signed up to BlightWatch, why not? It's a completely free service and it works.

Potatoes outside look fine, fingers crossed the greenhouse remains healthy.

Excellent explanation of blight and Smith Periods at the website.


  1. Ah, but you've had rain. Water hasn't fallen in lumps from the sky here for so long that we shall all be superstitiously scared of it when it does!

    No blight warnings here until it rains, I suspect.

  2. We haven't had rain here for months, so not much danger of blight here yet!

  3. Between the devil and deep blue sea I guess . . . drought or blight?

  4. top tip Bilbo now that we've had a bit of a soaking the last few days.
    That winds blew a gale last night and snapped a few tomato stems but otherwise I'm keeping all things crossed for a good crop this year.

  5. Cheers Nic, we had another Smith Period here during the week, fingers crossed that being in the greenhose will protect mine.


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