Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bitty day

Late to bed last night after sitting watching the bonfire until the flames died down (just for safety's sake of course, nothing to do with how pleasant it was to sit outside in the dark!). Not surprising that today I was tired and the brain was slow, therefore it was a day to do little jobs, much needed tidying up.

The Log Store has become a dumping ground over the past few weeks so it was time to clear it out, fit a central divider and find proper homes for all the junk which does not belong.

The logs on the left are all that remain after a whole winter with the wood burner. It's a bit scary to realise that in 2009 we started burning in September - which means I've got just two months to get this filled again.

Mr Photo dropped in to bring me a lovely bag of his home-grown International Kidney new potatoes and was pressed into service moving the second IBC tank onto the frame. Thanks to the wonders of gravity I've been able to syphon about 50 gallons from the greenhouse IBC to this one (the g/house tank was full and I wanted to make some space for when it rains again!).

Also syphoned the small greenhouse water butt onto the fedge bed in the potager, perhaps I will be able to dig it over if we get a bit more rain.

Every time the wind got up today it rekindled the bonfire embers. By supper time it was so blustery that I figured no neighbours would be outside and after an early supper returned to the conflagration. Yes, it was windy - possibly slightly dangerously so and I was careful not to turn my back on the flames. This much oxygen rushing in meant the fire burned exceptionally hot and very quickly, far too quickly for me to keep up sometimes. It was also spitting with rain so no way was the camera having an outdoors moment in those sort of conditions.


  1. I hope you've had time to taste test the 'int kidney' spuds - you'll notice the difference from the 'rocket', I'm certain!

    Log store looks much neater - I think that you are going to be on log-chopping duties for some time to get it filled up!

  2. Oh how I would love a bit of that rain! We've had one wet day in 3 months!

  3. Hazel, spuds were taste-tested last night. Better than the Rocket but not a lot more flavour than Arran Pilot.

    Flummery, not too much rain here but thankfully enough in the region that we are not affected by the hosepipe ban which United Utilities have just announced.

  4. I'll be pulling the "Pink Fur Apples" in a couple of weeks (after we have been to Tatton park for the show) I'll fetch some of those down for Hobbit to taste.

  5. Aw, bless you. Want to try some Arran Pilot and/or Rocket so you know if you like them for next year?


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