Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back to life, back to reality

My break with the girls may only have been two days but it feels like I have been away for ages and must now knuckle down and get back to work.

Tired from travelling I just did a couple of hours this afternoon - three more barrow loads of logs and the mighty splitter:

Also moved a couple of barrows more so that logs are in place for the next splitting session.


  1. Looks like someone's going to have lots of fun this weekend {g}

  2. Who might that be then?

    We can't run the log slpitter allday, I have plenty of other work for you if you're up to it!!!

  3. Whilst James is committed to some sort of slave labour at Bag End {g}, it will leave you free to wander round your potager in your floaty frock in the sunshine with your trug, sniffing the lavender; watching the bees; and singing 'tra-la-la' whilst you pick produce.*

    So let's see a pic on what's been harvested for this weekend's menu! I'm guessing courgette in a fairly big way (and if not, why not? Have mine! No, really. Please!!)

    *nope - that's not me, either - or rather, only in some sort of alternative universe.

  4. Hazel's been at the falling-down water again . . .

    sorry, getting blog-lag again, harvest this week is potatoes in a fairly big way (have mine! No, really. Please!!), courgette, french beans, lettuce, cucumber, and TA DA - AUBERGINE!


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