Saturday, 24 July 2010

1 + 1 = 3

One Hobbit plus One Management equals three times as much achieved as I can do on my own. It's always going to be a good day when, after breakfast, Management says "are we going in the garden today?".

He got to play with use the log splitter for the first time and we added considerably to the split Leylandii ready for the WBS.

Fine rain drove us inside for bacon sarnies after which he worked in the garage and I returned to the delightful task of pulling thistles before they go to seed. An afternoon of prickly weeding produced this:

and the moving of another 5 barrows of logs (ready for tomorrow) produced all this bark.

(and the satisfaction of finally making a difference in the appearance of the huge log pile nearest the bird feeders)

A bonfire was inevitable and seemed reasonable because it was cloudy, trying to rain, and no sensible neighbour would be outside. Also inevitable was the fact that as soon as I got the fire going, Management came and helped and in addition to burning the weeds, we cleared another small section of brush from the side of the garden.

Not content with a fire outside, we lit the WBS after supper whilst I watched Ocean's Eleven for the 20th time.


  1. lost for words really all I can saw is WOW!

  2. I hope you had good gloves on for the thistle pulling - my best for prickly plants are proper 'riggers gloves', but they are made for a bloke with shovels for hands, so are far too big & keep dropping off.

    So I've just invested in a pair of 'lady riggers gloves' which are pink. My suspicion is that anything that pink is not serious about prickls, but maybe I will be proved wrong. Anyway, at least they fit.

    Good bonfire - and a very neat Bag End.

    Am I being dense not understanding the significance of 16 scratched on the fence rail?

  3. Thanks Hazel, would appreciate make/model of your gloves - these thistles have gone straight through thick lined leather ones!

    16 is the number of barrow loads of logs ...... so far.

    Sarum, hi kid, have not forgotten about going and taking photos of Egremont for you.

  4. Himself loves a fire. Men are basically all pyromaniacs I reckon.

  5. Woww, what a productive time you had. All that wood you are stocking up on too for the winter.

  6. Flummery - I know how much your Himself loves a fire - he worked like a thing possessed when you came to our party.

    QuiltSue - stocking up for summer too :{ Only July and we have already had the fire on twice.

  7. After a week away no wonder the Management was glad to get outside. 1 Bilbo + 1 Management = 10 times the average persons output me thinks!


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