Saturday, 26 June 2010

Yes, this counts as "pottering"

Am taking my 'light duties' requirements very seriously therefore today's gardening was confined to messing around.

A combination of drought and lack of planting space means I have to make some difficult decisions. Many of the plants raised from seed since April have no homes to go to so will be joining the Great Recycling Heap in the Sky, also known as the compost bin. The few things I really want to keep will be moved into very large pots where they have a chance of not drying out and, possibly surviving, or the raised bed where I took the yew plants from, it's the only place with any space left.

Whilst I did this, Management set to assembling a small shed we bought many, many months ago. When purchased we thought it would might work to store the bird food outside but that never happened, instead, it is going to be a kindling store. Whilst we successfully managed to prepare an entire seasons worth of logs, last winter we regularly found ourselves running out of kindling and having to buy stuff in as it was too wet to be outside cutting any more.

Found another orchid, we now have 6 plants of which 4 are in flower.


  1. The orchids look delighful. I don't think I've seen one in flower up close, hopefully next week I can put that right.

  2. They should still be in flower but right now it is raining reasonably hard (thankfully) and I'm not sure what that will do to them.


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