Saturday, 26 June 2010

Unexpected dinner guests

Mum brought 8 babies back for tea, their second visit today, it is amazing and quite wonderful that she still has so many and they are growing fast. Unusually, the beautiful male was with them and he patrolled along the back fence whilst his family ate.

The Mum pheasant is amazing and seems to know that I am no threat. In order to get more corn near the babies I crept within 10 feet of her and she didn't move. I chucked the corn gently, small handful at a time and much of it landed on her back - she didn't flinch, just kept eating and as soon as I backed away, the little ones rushed out from under the grass and tucked in.

She then took them via the greenhouse to the front of the garden and I went indoors, not wanting to watch them cross the road. We may live in a small country lane but drivers go much too fast along it and tiny chicks are no match for a motor car.


  1. I absolutely love your bird pictures. These are particularly good!

    I can't get over how much work you are managing to put into your gardens. It makes me tired to read it - you must be in fabulous shape!

  2. Thanks.

    Penny, if I am in such great shape, how come I have a knackered hip? :}


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