Sunday, 20 June 2010

Surprisingly gentle weekend

Much of Saturday was taken up with buying taps and other essential items so that the plumber can get to work on Tuesday. We have finally got ourselves organised enough and the little bathroom at the front is being completely ripped out and replaced.

I pottered around on Saturday afternoon - washed over 100 small pots and had a lovely tidy up. Keith came round and finished fixing the frame for one of the IBC tanks. He may have us pulling our hair out because, like so many workmen, his idea of "I'll be back on Tuesday" has nothing to do with actual days of the week but once he turns up his work is so good that he's immediately forgiven.

It "should" have been the work of an hour or so to put the tank in place on Sunday morning and slot the drainpipes together but this is Bag End and everything decided to be difficult. I've jerry-rigged the water pipes in a very temporary fashion (bungee cord is not a usual method of securing plumbing) and when we can do some digging we will set them up permanently.

Decided to clear the area between the huge log piles and the house - it's been a dumping ground for far too long.

The twirly wigwam is protecting another orchid.

However this one, on the west side of the garden is further along.

All my garden timber is now neatly stored by the shed - being able to see what I've got will be good, and the ferns which were rescued far too long ago from the front (bulb) bed have been put where they will receive a bit more attention.

The greenhouse is ticking over, some tiny tomatoes are growing on the Garden Pearl, and a couple of the Roma plants have shown signs of Magnesium deficiency so have had a small dose of Epsom Salts.

The Dwarf French Beans are looking decidedly ropey - don't know if it is because it's been getting quite nippy at night, but gave them some Epsom Salts as well, just in case.

The courgette plants look like they have been checked too although two fruit have set, and one is yellow so that plant cannot be Defender.

(isn't it clever what you can do with the PhotoMerge tool in Photoshop?)

The HSL peas from Hazel are doing well despite my total lack of experience with veggies - the Robinson has delicate little white flowers but the Stephenson is excelling itself - bi-colour pink & cranberry coloured flowers and AMAZING purple pods. Not sure if this is a mangetout or a traditional pea (but Hazel or Flummery will tell me ...). Whatever they are, straight off the plant they taste fantastic!

I may not be so enamoured of this pumpkin when it has taken over half of the Potager, but for now, I love it.

The rhubarb has finally decided to get a move on and start growing properly and the garlic (supposedly planted too late) is looking fantastic, thank you Hazel.

And finally, thanks to Flummery, I am about to pick my first bowl of strawberries - just as soon as the sun has warmed them up a little more!


  1. your veggies are amazing Bilbo. I'll need to come to your for tips in future!

  2. Nic, you are too kind and you are wrong {{gg}}.


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