Monday, 21 June 2010


14oz of freshly picked unctuous, delicious gorgeousness! Thank you dear Flummery.

Truly a Solstice gift.


  1. When I inherited a garden full of strawberry plants I could never get them that big.


    Because as I discovered Robert used to pick and eat them first. He was about 2 at the time and did the same with the raspberries and blackberries I also inherited.

  2. I came across your blog via Penny Quilts and have been following along daily. It's such a joy to read of your adventures and misadventures in gardening. Now, I'm still waiting for a quilt to show up -- or have I missed another location for that? You are a fearless gardener and I admire it tremendously!! Way to go!!

  3. What yummy looking strawberries. If it wasn't Wimbledon I'd invite myself for tea.

  4. Scrumptious, one of my favourite things about this time of year!

    Have I missed a load of your blog entries, or have you just done a mass update? Whatever, it looks like the garden's coming along, it's amazing how much progress you've made this year.

  5. Mass update, and more to come (sorry!). When Management had a holiday at the beginning of the month I didn't update this diary regularly.

    If you don't already use it, QuiltSue and I can recommend Google Reader which does a super job of scooping up all the unread/new posts and presenting them to you in one place.

  6. QuiltSue, why not come anyway? You can always watch the tennis here (and occasionally glance out of the window and check I am still working!)

  7. Hello FFG, thanks for coming out of lurkdom. The quilts (and anything non-gardening) are at another blog - The (Other) View From there is a link over on the right-hand side {under 'You Might Also Like'}

    Angela, I cannot promise not to have already eaten them all :} As the plants are fairly small and this is the first year I don't know how much of a crop we will get. Am going to allow some of the runners to grow on.

  8. I have a confession I don't like strawberries so don't save any for me.

  9. Flum's strawbs look fab! I can't believe how the taste of strawberries varies - now vacant next door had a mature strawb bed (which the builders are currently raiding before I can!), but their large berries are pippy & sharp compared to the (unknown) variety that are ripening at the Hill - runners two year ago courtesy of Reg-next-plot.

    I'd whip the runners off your plants this year to let them build up for next, but I'm no expert.

    'Google Reader which does a super job of scooping up all the unread/new posts and presenting them to you in one place. Works really well until some beggar blogs like there is no tomorrow...{gg}

    Can I lay a bet on how many green dot days you have had this month?

    Sorry, FFG, us gardeners have kidnapped Bilbo from her wonderful sewing endeavours for the time being (although please look at the other blog to see her fabulous quilts!)

  10. Thank you Hazel, I'm not keeping all the runners, just going to let the larger plants develop one each but am taking them off the smaller ones.

    green dot days - fewer "big days" this month because the frenetic greenhouse activity has passed and no rain means the ground is too hard to move onto the next project :{ but quite a lot of 'little green blobs' :}


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