Friday, 11 June 2010


Part of this is in red to serve as a diary reminder to me next year - do not sow so many seeds

I've had to be dreadfully ruthless and decide how many plants I can manage to keep in the greenhouse and either find homes for the rest or add them to the compost heap. It is utterly ridiculous that I have given away or composted at least half of all the plants I germinated from seed.

A good selection have found a home with our farmer friends in a nearby village thus ensuring further deliveries of manure.

More went to the plant stall at the village church fund-raising.

A big boxful went to our dear friends in Loweswater and I got a fabulous dinner in return!

A few more have gone to neighbours but sadly quite a few tomato and cucumber ended up being recycled ....

Now wouldn't it have been more sensible to sow half as many seeds to begin with and save on all that compost, watering, time spent potting on ....


  1. If only you could have held onto those tomatoes for another couple of weeks. John has been wittering on about growing tomatoes in the greenhouse for ages now. It would have shut him up.

    How we'd have fitted them into the car on the way home would have been an interesting question

  2. Sorry - time your visit for earlier next year? (yeah, I know, it's the birthday visit ...)

  3. No this year it's after my birthday.

  4. It never works. Year after year I vow not to sow too many seeds. Year after year I end up with pots full of stuff and I have two acres now, with as many I can't use as when I had a tenth of the space. It must be something basic in the way I work.

  5. Two acres Elizabeth? Drooling enviously (and thinking of all that room for hens, space to plant a proper coppice, so little land - so many plans!)

  6. Sensible? Maybe, but since when did you do "sensible"...

  7. Dear QuiltSue, when YOU start doing sensible, I'll follow.

  8. do not sow so many seeds

    hee hee hee - sorry to laugh, but (and in the interests of a diary reminder for posterity for next year) this will not happen. There is a rule somewhere in the gardening universe that says that you will never sow the right amount of seeds.

    Either you will be incredibly sensible and sow half a dozen lettuce seeds a month for 8 months so you can enjoy just enough of your own fresh leaves for the majority of the year, and only half germinate, OR you sow double that number to account for losses, and you end up trawling the internet for lettuce chutney or something, just to use up the glut. Go on, ask me how I know...

    Substitute the word 'lettuce' with your choice of radish, courgette, squash (my personal glut of choice), runner beans etc etc & you have summed up vegetable gardening wonderfully.

    I wouldn't change a minute of it! {gg}

  9. Dear Hazel,

    Thanks (I think) ...

    love Bilbo, x

  10. I want to be your neighbour and adopt all your unwanted plants (I seem to end up with half of what I sow as I'm no good at starting things off at home!)

  11. Nic, I'd LOVE you to be my neighbour - and the bungalow behind us is for sale and has a wonderful view ....


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