Monday, 14 June 2010


Ever the optimist, Hobbit thought that straightening out the area behind the Log Store would only take half a day.



The new plastic Daleks are supplied under the local council subsidised scheme. They come with no air holes at all. I wonder how many new gardeners will give up in disgust when their attempts at compost result in a wet, slimy sludge? Spent a considerable time with the drill putting holes in all four bins.

Having given up on the damn fool idea to use the straw bales to create compost bins, the straw is now stored in the green bin and the two fertiliser sacks and can be added to the compost directly. However, as it is high in nitrogen (as are the grass clippings of which we have plenty), I'm not going to get good compost unless I come up with a significant source of carbon ... any suggestions?


  1. Looking good Bilbo. The straw will work well, it isn't high in Nitrogen. We use tardis compost bins, with no additional holes and we get beautiful compost incredibly quickly. However, we ensure that no grass clippings go in there as they are about the worst thing for a compost heap. If you want more brown matter than the straw, try shredded paper and card.

  2. Thanks CB. Leaving out the grass clippings isn't an option - we produce rather a lot of them and I want to deal with as much of our own waste as possible.

    With your farming head on, what happens if I leave a heap of pure grass clippings for a very long time ....

    (PS: Already use shredded paper and ripped up newspapers)

  3. I was going to say exactly the same as Country Bumpkin - we have the tardis compost bins identical to yours and get lovely crumbly compost without having to drill any extra holes. We do add a little grass clippings but also paper (crumpled or shredded), cardboard, egg boxes etc. Other uses for grass clippings is as a mulch, or to line the trenches before planting out potatoes or beans.


  4. PS You could always try to make silage with your grass!


  5. Well Carol, I have two IBC tanks which used to contain silage additive ...

    To both Carol & CB, the holes are drilled now, I'm not bunging them up!

  6. A heap of grass clippings for a very long time....... will smell horrible, be slimey and leach a lot into the gound below them. But they would rot down eventually. The more dry/brown you can mix with them and the more you aerate them the better.
    One other tip before you fill them and it's too late - you might want to put slabs under them to stop unwanted visitors digging up from underneath.


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