Friday, 11 June 2010

Not enough chocolate

There is not enough chocolate (or gin, or Jennings Bitter) in the world to make me enjoy this:

Painting metal railings, hateful bluddy task, not made any better by the fact that I intensely dislike the railings in the first place. Sure, a balcony 12 feet off the ground needs a nice safe barrier to ensure that people and pets don't fall off (the driveway below not being of the cushioned variety) but that doesn't mean I have to like them.

They are cheap & nasty and do a damn fine job of blocking the view from the sewing room. Ever since coming to Bag End we have said "one day we'll change them for something interesting and contemporary - with wood and lots of glass" but given the Bag End refurbishment list continues to be long and expensive, the balcony wasn't really up there with the serious contenders. It is now ...

Sod a second coat, the Hay Racks are going up as soon as the paint is dry enough!


  1. Have you got a friendly local blacksmith (as you know, not farrier) who might take the horrid metal away and return it transformed into something more beautiful? Sadly the blacksmith I know is no longer blacksmithing!

  2. Sadly no - shame the talented artist we both know is no longer blacksmithing ....

    (actually, this stuff is such c**p that he'd probably refuse to even melt it down!)

  3. I can quite easily see myself sat on that balcony enjoying a glass of wine and the view on a summers evening. Just in case your thinking of selling.

    I'd even put up with having to paint it for that view.


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