Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Noises Off

In the study about 5.00pm with the balcony door open - unusual "bird like" noises outside so got up to have a look.

Mum Pheasant is clucking and chirping to encourage her brood to follow her out of the big conifer bed on the drive and along the lawn at the front of the house. I counted 10 chicks in all but one was definitely lagging behind the others. It was obvious she was heading for the back of the house so I was able to sprint round, chuck out a load of mixed corn and get the camera.

She brought her babies through the shrubbery where they were perfectly camouflaged. Mum had a good feed but the little ones stayed hidden in the undergrowth. Didn't manage to get any usable pictures before she took the brood back into the shrubbery. Could not see where they went after that - they certainly did not come back around the front but as there is almost impenetrable cover, perhaps her nest is in there?

There are nine chicks in this picture with the 10th lagging about 6 foot behind - which is a very long way when you're only 5" tall. Sadly, the survival rate for chicks like this is very low.


  1. Good to see you back Bilbo, I was just wondering if a phone call would be in order. We were away last week in Northumberland, so I'm just trying to catch up with myself at the moment! What can you say about the Whitehaven incident? There's no legislating against loonies I'm afraid, west Cumbria really has had a lot to deal with in the last year.

    Love the squirrel and pheasant photos, despite getting loads of pheasant in the garden in the winter, I've never seen chicks, you're very lucky. We did see an osprey at Kielder Water though ...

  2. That mother is much calmer than the one John and I disturbed on our walk on Kinder a few weeks ago.

    Poor thing she was just taking her chicks across the path when we came along it. We didn't dare move for fear of treading on her chicks which scattered everywhere and when we did try to get away so she could round them up she kept flying at us.

    It was a couple of minutes of utter chaos.

  3. Sewali, thanks m'dear. I saw you'd been to Kielder - lovely part of the world. Has FatCat forgiven you for abandoning him?

    Angela, I had the advantage of being hidden on the balcony and therefore don't think Mum Pheasant saw me.

  4. Love the photo of the pheasant and chicks. Adorable.


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