Sunday, 6 June 2010

NGS Garden Visits - Gilgarran village

What a great idea - three gardens within 100 yards of each other all open on the same afternoon.

NGS guidelines state that a garden should provide 45 minutes of interest to the visitor before it can be considered for inclusion and this precludes some small but delightful gardens whose owners are prepared to open for charity. Combining several properties in one opening gives considerably more than three-quarters of an hour, if it hadn't started raining as I got to the 3rd garden I would have been there most of the afternoon.

12, The Avenue

A fairly new garden and the owner told me that he & his wife had had the luxury of being able to pour a lot of money into the project and have a significant amount of hard landscaping completed quickly by contractors. They have turned a west-facing wind-swept slope into a very neat terraced space.

Thank you Google.

The top section nearest the house was too structured for my taste but as it was created to be wheelchair friendly then it must be considered a total success. However, not withstanding my general preference for a "nearly out of control" cottage garden style, I have to confess a sneaking envy and admiration for any garden that is this clean and tidy!

The fruit and vegetable area was a sheltered delight.

Best section for me was at the side of the house where the planting was more relaxed.

6, The Avenue

You wouldn't think that behind this normal looking house

With a very normal looking garden immediately outside the back door

Would be a section of private woodland

When the developer built these houses he offered parcels of woodland to the residents. Some have done nothing with theirs, some have turned it into 'conventional' gardens and in this garden the owners are working hard to manage the land for the benefit of wildlife and native plants.

An awful lot of work still to be done to sort out drainage

Interesting bird feeders

Woodland is lovely but doesn't tend to come with much of a view. This seating area with pond has been created on the edge of the plot.

The third garden was a delight - much better than these two and I wish I'd gone there first. The heavens opened and it was impossible to take a single picture. Hopefully I'll get another chance next year

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