Wednesday, 2 June 2010

More Tellytubby land?

Today's work carried out against the backdrop of utter disbelief; Whitehaven is only 20 minutes away from us, we know all the places affected by this massacre. One of our nearest neighbours encountered the gunman in Whitehaven at 10.30am - thankfully he was not injured.

Spent far too long in front of the TV today trying, and failing, to understand what was happening. Had it not been for a couple of last minute changes of plan we would have been in the area. There are no words to adequately talk about this incident.

Cleared a load of weeds from around the log store/edge of shed and our neighbours fence. Given that most of the weeds have come from his side (the man is not a gardener and never will be), buried some more DPC in the hopes that it will stop some of the weed growing through, not convinced it will work but it made me feel better!

Found a use for more of the reed screen, fixed up some tree stakes which will form part of the new compost bins.

Had a thoroughly frustrating hour with chicken wire and a bale of straw. We'd seen the idea in a 1946 composting manual for making a compost bin from straw & wire and trying to make one seemed like fun. After I had half destroyed my hands trying to make heavy duty c/wire do what I wanted (it didn't) and wrestled with an unwieldy and badly behaved straw sandwich I announced Plan B which will be to use some of the large supply of Larch Slab to make the new bins and put the straw directly into the compost!

As an aside, Miss Bruce sounds like a fascinating woman. She was a contemporary of Rudolph Steiner and had similar ideas about additives for compost but is far less prescriptive than Steiner's full biodynamic methods.

Rigged up shade netting and created an outdoor area for all the plants which don't need to be in the greenhouse.

Management came out and had another of his brainwaves (the chap definitely has potential as a garden designer when he wants a part-time retirement job!). He's seen a way I can permanently use not only this little area but the strip behind the greenhouse to create a fabulous "nursery" and cold frame area - the sort that you see in other gardens but never imagine you could have in your own. Bless him ....

Sanded down and Cuprinol-ed one of the benches. With all the timber we have in the garden, why do the wasps have to chew on this particular bench to make a nest. Hopefully they won't like the taste of wood preservative and turn their attention to leylandii instead.


  1. Management - I take it that is designing other peoples gardens as obviously yours will be designed to perfection by then.

  2. Angela - don't be silly, our garden will never be finished - they never are!


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