Sunday, 13 June 2010

Maintenance Week, 7 - 13 June

I've been in the garden every day this week but it has been gentle, pottering stuff, not like normal Hobbit-scale gardening at all!

There has been much watering, more plants have been potted on (with the continuing "note to self" to space seed sowing out next year in order to spread the workload, yeah, right .....)

The first tranche of new potatoes are in flower, it won't be long before they are in a saucepan. Interesting to see the difference in flowers:

Arran Pilot


Unnamed maincrop

The new potatoes which started in the greenhouse have been moved outside and are growing well, although keeping the pots well watered is a pain in this weather. (Thought bubble - use an irrigation kit for next year - but it would mean they couldn't be moved so easily?)

The maincrop in old compost sacks are a pain in the wotsit and I won't do this again. The plastic sacks cannot be moved and everything flops around and tries to collapse. They are annoying me on an increasing basis and as soon as the new potatoes have been harvested and eaten, these ones are going to find their way into the kitchen, just to get them moved!


  1. I flicked through the new pictures earlier this evening and have just returned to read the actual posts. I thought your pototes were flowers, which tells you how many potoes I've ever grown.

  2. If you have never grown them, why should you know?

    I'll let you into a secret - I haven't grown them before either. As I said before, I'm not a natural veggie gardener! Much more comfortable with a load of shrubs and perennials.


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