Tuesday, 22 June 2010


HRT = Horticultural Retail Therapy.

Went into Whitehaven for coffee beans (as you do) and called in to the small but lovely Whitehaven Garden Centre in Meadow Road. Even though the ground is so dry, if they had had a supply of Taxus baccata to supplement our bird-sown plants I would have bought enough to get on with the potager windbreak, but they didn't . . .

So I gave in to alternate temptation instead and lay the blame firmly on SewAli's Lumberjack. If ever we get him on Mastermind one of his specialist subjects definitely could be sarracenia and nepenthes.

I want more . . . even though I'm not quite sure what I already have. I suspect I will spend a long time at Hampshire Carnivorous Plants website, a well known specialist and expert for these plants.

Discovery of a stupendous second-hand bookshop in a Whitehaven backstreet. Does this also count as HRT?

I loved the plate inside "Field and Woodland Plants". I wonder if Mary enjoyed her prize - she certainly kept it in good condition (does this mean it went on a shelf never to be looked at?)


  1. I don't go a bundle on carnivorous plants - but just try dragging me away from a second hand book shop!

  2. Why drag you away Hazel? This one was outstanding (and I've been in a few). We could probably spend all day in there, take it in turns to go out for coffee! Next time we visit I'll get some sneaky phone pictures.

  3. You've done it again. Gone and reminded me how much I enjoyed the one carnivorous plant I had many years ago.

    Yours look so interesting I might have to start my own collection, but absolutely and most definitely not this year.


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