Friday, 4 June 2010

How to store a Greenhouse (the Bag End way)

Begin by moving two tons of half-rottted cow muck in order to reclaim the large black tarp. (Remember on the way that tarp was bought over 15 years ago to cover a small boat and has lasted unbelievably well!)

Regardless of the need for the tarp, it was definitely time the driveway was cleared again, one hot and sticky hour later all the recent cow muck delivery was moved to two (turning out to be extremely useful) bulk bags from the builders' merchant. This stuff needs to sit for a few months until it is completely rotted, the two bags on the left are from the original huge delivery and are ready to use, gorgeous, black, crumbly, no smell - absolute pure gardening gold.

It won't stay clear for long and I am trying to avoid the fact that whilst this bed might look green and interesting to you, I know it is chock full of perennial weeds and is going to have to be completely emptied out so I can start from scratch.

Drape tarp over shed (which is not the easiest thing in the world). Man{woman?}-handle a pallet into place - who knew pallets could be so flippin' heavy.

Stack all the frames of the Alton Greenhouse on pallet.

Fold tarp over the front, couple of tucks and bungee cords and "job's a good 'un" - and Management isn't worried about any rain getting between package and the shed. Yes, there will be some, but he doesn't think enough to fuss about at present.

Can now forget second greenhouse for a year or two until we have somewhere to put it ...


  1. You certainly don't belive in leaving it for Management to do.

    That looked like a lot of heavy lifting to me, I'm impressed.

  2. Thanks Angela. Each individual frame weighs very little - there is no glass. Management had already brought them up from the garage and I only moved them from a resting place near the greenhouse. The pallet weighed more!

  3. I will confess to calling on Ian for the heavy work, even if I could do it myself. Not sure why really. I think it may be just to give myself a break!

  4. Elizabeth - if Ian's willing and able, use him! Unfortunately Management is often away on business so unless I want to wait, I have to get on with it {gg}

  5. Looks like another Bilbo got on with it job! You always were a getter on with it person though by the look of this plot there will always be something to keep you out of mischief!

  6. Oh don't say that Sarum, sometimes the only thing which keeps me going is the thought that most of these jobs only have to be done once, so (in theory) eventually I might finish!

  7. cripes Bag End must be shire size if you can hide an entire greenhouse behind your shed! I bet you have some good little nooks for hiding in when the Management starts calling out the next task on the list ;o)

  8. Nic, the whole plot is a bit over half an acre ...


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