Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hay Racks

It's becoming glaringly obvious that I like planting floral stuff way more than I enjoy tending the edibles.

Whilst there is a part of me that knows annuals are a dreadful waste of resources and that shrubs and perennials are far more sensible, there's something decidely lovely about fushias and geraniums.


  1. There is also something decidedly delightful about deadheading in the cool of the evening.

    After Dave was killed and I had to move back to the UK the wife of the head of the RAF base bought me a hanging basket as a welcome present. With two children under 2 it was wonderfully relaxing to stand outside deadheading it and watching the Tornadoes coming into land and taking off (either still give me a thrill) as the sun set. A few moments of pleasure before the loneliness hit.

    Always wondered am I the only person in the world who deadheads lobelia?

  2. You maybe the only lobelia deadheader but I agree that it's a peaceful and fulfilling task. Perhaps when you come over you'll get a chance to sit in the garden as a Tornado comes over. We've had quite a few recently and they've been very low.

  3. I suspect I'll see a few of them when I'm up in the Lakes where ever I am.

  4. I've been reading through your blog, as a distraction from a miserable bout of laryngitis/bronchitis. It's fascinating to watch your garden progress.

    Oddly, here in Northern California, fucschias are perennial. We've got a rather neglected plant, that gets bush-sized every year.

    1. Hope you feel better soon, anything respiratory can really knock you out :-( The UK also has perennial fushias which can grow to good sized bushes but the really showy ones are not hardy over a cold winter.


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