Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A bit "B&Q"?

Rain, rain, lovely rain! Not nearly as much as we need but nice and damp all morning which is better than nothing. I'm sure it has come as something of a shock to the peas, shallots and squash which were planted out yesterday but they will either survive or not.

I didn't expect proper gardening today, morning dominated by an expensive session in Atkinsons ordering all the guttering for shed and the supplies needed to turn two large planters into something more than a study in excellent brickwork.

Acupuncture this afternoon followed by a what was intended to be a couple of hours messing around in the shed and greenhouse. Suddenly had the idea to put up an old and disgustingly cheap B&Q awning which we bought some years back to provide shade when I was painting garden furniture. It's going to be put to the same use again, all the chairs and benches need a damn good soaking in Cuprinol.

This gave Management an idea .... and a mug of tea and some cogitating later we've come up with a plan for a permanent car port type roof over this area which will protect the Log Store and make a great working space. When I go into Paterson's and say "Billy, we need another shed roof" the poor man will have a conniption fit!

In keeping with the suburban theme, found a use for some reed screen we bought last year. I know we had a plan for it once upon a time but that idea has been changed and lost in the mists of time. Now it is serving as part of the fedge as windbreak. In a year or so it will be covered by climbers, and be rotted and used by birds for nesting, which has to be a good thing because right now it looks somewhat out of place in a rural garden. In the meantime, it screens the potager from an increasingly nosey neighbour so is forgiven for looking like an escapee from Ground Force.


  1. So will I count as a nosey tourist if I'm reduced to jumping up and down to view your garden from the road in a few weeks? I think I'd still need springs to see anything from the road that goes in front of the house.

    Great progress, it really is starting to take shape.

  2. Ah, but you don't have to jump up and down - I seem to remember inviting you for a cuppa!

  3. Can I put in a request for more and closer pics of the potager? Even blowing the pic up, I can't scrutinise it properly from here!

  4. Yes Ma'am, Certainly Ma'am, I'll get right on it - tomorrow when the light is better {smile}


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