Sunday, 6 June 2010

And you call ~this~ having a day off?

A quick whizz round with the mower first thing, followed by planting out two huge Courgette {possibly Defender - but came with no label from a friend who gardens with more enthusiasm than organisation} and the HSL Dwarf French Beans, Early Warwick {definitely - seeds from Hazel}.

A check around the other raised beds shows some very promising growth in the potato and shallot department and to my surprise, the mice haven't demolished the peas. *

Fabulous afternoon visiting three nearby gardens open for NGS in Gilgarran. Sadly the heavens opened as I reached the last one which meant no photos but didn't stop me spending longer there than any of the others, have been invited back when it is dry.

Lovely potter in the garden when I got home, rain was easing off so spent a pleasant hour under the shed awning washing flower pots and trays.

* Hazel - I will do you some better (more detailed) pictures, promise!


  1. For the Bag End hobbit that definitely sounds like a day off.

  2. Now those shallots do look good - I don't know why I've never grown them! Defo on the list for next year.

    Are those cuttings of some sorts of shrub growing so well in the same bed? Spuds look great too - you'll be eating them soon!

  3. Thanks Hazel, the shallots were a couple of cheap bags from Wilko and started in the greenhouse. Definitely something I will do again, they grew very strongly under cover and have romped away since going out.

    Yes, there are a couple of shrub cuttings in the same bed, something I rescued from a different part of the garden but no-one knows what it is!

    Spuds are nicely in flower.


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