Friday, 4 June 2010

And for the rest of Friday

Moving swiftly on, given that it is still so hot and humid that moving anywhere results in Hobbit instantly becoming very perspirational and unladylike. After a chat with our neighbour who dropped in for a cuppa we madly took it upon ourselves to move all but two of the tree stumps which have been loitering on the front lawn. Two cherry and three leylandii stumps have found themselves nestled (or dumped?) amongst native plants (weeds?) and shrubs. I am extremely fortunate that Management is as keen as I am to create wildlife habitats, in fact, it was him who encouraged me to spread the stumps around the east border and the shrubbery at the back.

Being fools who don't know when to stop, we then spent the best part of two hours chiseling hard, impacted soil from the base of a colossal leylandii stump. Before felling, this stupid tree stood 40 foot tall in the corner of the garden completely obscuring the view of Skiddaw and Ullock Pike.

Remember this? 8th April 2008

This is what it took to remove the stump 18 months later ...

Actually, with two of us and a selection of tools it didn't take too long to remove nearly all the soil - two full barrow-loads. Deciding what to do with the muck led to the imaginative and creative design of a large-scale soil-sieving device which could be invaluable when dealing with homemade compost, Management may not have green fingers but he's a genius when it comes to thinking up things for the garden.


  1. Another physically demanding day - no wonder you have a gammy hip {gg}! Sieve doofah sounds useful - can you post details (or is is to be patented to make your fortune?)

  2. Thanks Hazel, in truth I knackered the hip whilst fellwalking. All this gardening lark doesn't actually aggravate it.

    The sieve doofah is not an original idea, many years ago I saw something on a website which was the inspiration, must see if I can find it again.

  3. Look forward to seeing the seive doofah thingumy! Would it be a soil riddle by any chance?

  4. Soil Riddle! That's the name I couldn't remember, thank you Mrs CB.

    We were cogitating something like the contraptions described here

    Cannot find the original inspiration which I saw online many years ago but given the amount there could be to do in the whole garden, plus home-made compost that will need grading, I could easily be tempted with a Scheppach RS400 instead ......


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